How do you quantify emotional distress?

The intensity of their emotional distress. The root cause of their emotional distress. In Alabama, there isn't a set amount for certain types of emotional distress. Each claim depends on its own unique merits and circumstances.

The value of an emotional distress claim is not calculated by adding up a series of numbers, as is the case with economic damages. Rather, compensation for emotional distress is related to how the injury affected your personal and work life. Another common way they assess the harm caused by emotional distress is through their own testimony. You bring your family, your friends and they explain to the court the changes they've seen in you, the insomnia, the tense family relationships, that kind of thing.

Those are still compensable damages. You will be awarded damages for emotional distress, but in general, they will be lower than if you actually had a professional testify about your medical condition. Regardless of exactly what happened and how much you expect to receive, you'll want to work with an attorney who has experience in cases of emotional distress and personal injury. So how do California personal injury lawyers determine the value of your emotional distress damages? How do you prove them with tests? That's why personal injury plaintiffs have the option of suing for emotional distress or pain and suffering, in addition to reimbursing their medical claims.

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