Is a settlement an asset?

Settlement asset means any cash, receivable, or other asset, including a settlement receivable, due or transferred to a person as consideration for a settlement carried out or arranged, or to be carried out or arranged by that person or a subsidiary of that person. Settlement, a consolidated process at the end of the day and the last step in a securities negotiation, completes the transfer between the negotiating parties of ownership of the securities and the cash. DTC, the central securities holding subsidiary of DTCC, provides settlement services for virtually all securities transactions representing corporate and municipal debt listed between brokers in the U.S. UU.

The subscription is the starting point for The Depository Trust Company (DTC)'s deposit transfer and book annotation services. The services offered through the insurance group offer efficiency in capital markets and reduce risk for participants by automating and facilitating the distribution and settlement of new and secondary issues. While personal injury settlements aren't always considered marital property, there are some circumstances where they can be divided as marital property in a divorce. During the initial consultation, be prepared to answer several different questions about your case, such as the amount of your personal injury compensation and how you've been using the money so far.

Settlement receivables mean any general intangible, intangible payment or instrument that represents or reflects the obligation to make payments to or for the benefit of a Person in consideration for an agreement made, entered into, or made or organized by that Person. The money awarded in a personal injury settlement is intended to cover the expenses that resulted from the injury. Personal injury settlements are one of the most difficult assets to divide because they are not always considered marital property, as a divorce lawyer that Phoenix AZ trusts can explain. No matter how good your marriage is right now, it's in your best interest to protect your settlement from personal injury.

If a personal injury settlement is part of your estate or that of your separated spouse, it's also important to talk to an attorney right away. A personal injury lawyer can advise you on how to set up your agreement so that you are protected throughout your life. Courts have included personal injury settlements as marital property in cases where the agreement primarily covers lost wages, the funds are deposited in a joint account and used to pay for household expenses, or the agreement is intended to pay for damages to marital property.

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